We're passionate about travel as you are, and want to deliver our fellow travellers a quick and easy to use travel search website. We have partnered up with some well-known travel suppliers worldwide, to bring you amazing deals on hotels, flights and activities in worldwide locations. Our service is 100% free for you to use and is secure when making a booking, so you're more than welcome to use the service to arrange your travel needs at any time of the day or night 365 days a year, you should know we take a small commission from our suplliers for each booking made through our website,  and this is used to keep up with the upkeep costs of running the website.

Flyotels-huge inventory of Hotel deals

Flyotels searches through 1000s of booking sites, giving you access to over 5 million hotel deals worldwide, giving you the best price guarantee when you book through us. We guarantee if you find it cheaper with other price comparison sites, we will not quibble and refund the difference to you within 30 days. Our inventory provides options where you can narrow down your searches to find that special deal you’re look for, you can also read reviews on each hotel to give you that peace of mind when making your final decision.

Find Great deals on huge inventory of Flights, and Activities

We give you access to fantastic deals on flights, and Activities all in one place. Our price comparison tool will search and match routes, which will identify the best way to fly between two destinations and then find you the best deal for those routes.


Hello, Ben Bennett (Founder)

Hello and a warm welcome to Flyotels.com, we’re a family business, but well connected in the travel market, we’re passionate about traveling and wanted to offer our fellow travellers a one-stop travel website for you to compare and book superb travel deals. We can compare 1000’s of booking agents, airlines and OTA’s, to find you a hotel or flight deal in seconds. We’re also proud to have partnered up with Isango! to provide us with the tickets for fun activities and attractions, whilst you’re on your travels.

This platform can be accessed through your smartphone or tablet wherever you are when seeking out a hotel or flight deal whenever it's needed on demand and your on the go!




Hey I’m Lenn Bennett (Co-founder)  

Hey there it’s fantastic to see you using flyotels.com! Our aim is to create our self’s a little space in the travel industry and capture a decent slice of the cake, by providing the travel market a fantastic one-stop price comparison booking platform to seek out travel deals through our search engine and booking platform.  We set Flyotels.com, our core aim is to continuously improve flyotels.com to better serve our users and provide better deals and increase our inventory of travel services.

Finally thank you for your support and we hope that you find a great deal on your next travel itinerary, please refer us onto your family and friends and come and Like Us on facebook too. And we will make it our pledge to continue to develop the Flyotels.com website to better meet your travel needs and bring you the best deals in the travel market to one place.